Logo-Flex – your Partner for Polyurethane and Adhesive Technology

As a company with more than 40 years of experience in the fields of polyurethane and adhesive technology, our goal is to manufacture high-quality, leading-edge products with attractive conditions.
Since 1982, our development has kept place with changes in material and market conditions.
We are distinguished as a top manufacturer in our market segment due to innovative new developments and constant improvement in production and logistics processes.
A modern machine park and first-class raw materials combined with high storage capacities ensure high availability „just in time.“
Another particular feature of Logo-Flex is producing special products with a high degree of individualisation.
Stay with us and use our technical and logistical innovations.
We are also producing various single and double adhesive tapes, Glue Drops, Molded Parts, bumper tapes, Finger-lift andhesive tapes and other special products.
Our Advantages  
Fast offers are available on request. Sales team will promptly prepare you the most competitive prices and offer very competitive conditions.
We have our own laboratory in which all our products are tested and checked for highest quality, German quality is always our hallmark.
We supply various industries with our products, and we are pleased to present the best engineering solutions, packaging and customisation for our customers.  
Our warehouses and manufacturing are located in the economical centre of Germany and our customs documentation and logistics solutions will always be more convenient and easy than amy export from USA, China, etc.
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