Crystal Clear Bumpers <br>
Crystal Clear Bumpers
We are proud to introduce new, environmental friendly bumper 

manufacturing technology. Glossy and transparent. 

 Self-adhesive elastic bumpers are very reliable, 

 UV-resistant, easy-to-use and environmental friendly. 

Your products will look excellent even in such small details. 

Self-adhesive Elastic Bumpers

Welcome to the European and worldwide leading manufacture of self-adhesive elastic bumper feet made of 100% UV-resistant polyurethane!
Unique and innovative Crystal-Clear technologies guarantee bumper feeds resistance to UV radiation, the absence of visual signs of aging and of yellowness.
Prices are comparable to the standard elastic bumpers, but the benefits are clear. Crystal Clear.
Crystal Clear Bumpers&nbsp;
Crystal Clear Bumpers 
&nbsp;Cylindrical Bumpers
 Cylindrical Bumpers
Quadratic&nbsp; Bumpers
Quadratic  Bumpers
Special Shape &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Bumpers&nbsp;
Special Shape      Bumpers 
Bumper -Tape
For many years we have been manufacturing and successfully supplying our customers with Bumper-Tape.
The 100% polyuretan Bumper-Tape are delivered in 25 m and 50 m rolls for further processing and cutting for the needs of your manufacturing.
Pre-assembled to form mouldings according to your wishes and needs.
An incredible array of engineering and technological applications, for example, in electronic and electric equipment, professional and domestic kitchen equipment, machine tool, automotive and aviation industries, computer items and medical devices. It's also widely used in the textile, furniture and printing industries
Diferent shapes, sizes, colors and forms are avaliable on request.

Polyurethane Bumper-Tape Serie 500

Die-cut different shapes

Black Bumper Feets  
Special shapes and colors are available on request.
Hemispherical Bumpers
Hemispherical Bumpers
Cylindrical&nbsp; Bumpers
Cylindrical  Bumpers
Quadratic Bumpers &nbsp;
Quadratic Bumpers  
Speical Shapes
Speical Shapes
Standard Transparent Bumper Feets  
Special shapes and colors are available on request.
Hemispherical &nbsp;
Cylindrical &nbsp;
Quadratic &nbsp;
Special Shapes&nbsp;
Special Shapes 
Self-adhesive Polyurethane Bumpers available in any custom colours, sizes and shapes.
3 reasons to work with us
We are manufacturers and we are working since 1982.Our priority is to provide our customers with quality products, competitive prices and excellent service.
Our production is environment friendly and ecological, low waist, packaging is light, and it is easy to operate with it.We are flexible and innovative. 
Competent and reliable, we are situated in the center of Germany and can provide easy solutions for package and logistics from our warehouse.  
Stay tuned and use our technical and logistical innovations.
We are the company with more than 40 years of experience in the area of polyurethane and adhesive technologies. Our goal is to manufacture high-quality, market leading products on conductive conditions.
Since 1982, we are developing according to the changes in material and market conditions.
We are a top manufacturer in our market segmentation because of the innovative new developments and constant improvement in production and logistics processes.
A modern machine park and first-class raw materials combined with high storage capacities ensure high availability when you need it.
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