Standard Bumper-Tape are ready for shipment from our warehouse in Germany.

Bumper-Tape for various industries

Protective Bumper-Tape are supplied on a roll with a thick back-side paper, suitable for die-cutting into roll form for automated applications.
Used as raw material for your own stamping
Pre-assembled to form mouldings according to your wishes and needs
Find application in manufacturing of:
  • Furniture, construction and home appliances;
  • Electrical and electronical devices;
  • Medicine and musical equipment;
  • Mashine building and engeneering industry,
  • Automotive and space equipment.

Wide field of application

Elastic and durable Bumper-Tape are ideal for:
  • Preventing rattles and squeals.
  • Vibration, noise and shock dampening;
  • Great skid-resistance, high coefficient of friction;
  • Spacer or stop to prevent surface damage;
  • Protect hard surfaces against scratches;
  • Provide non-slip base over a large area;
  • Roll covering for textile machine industry and other machinery.
...sometimes we even don't have a clue about all creative engeneering solutions, made with our bumper tapes..

Made from elastic Polyurethane

Our Bumper-Tape are made in Germany from 100% UV resistant polyurethane
The greatest advantages:
  • 100% UV-resistant
  • Climat resistant
  • Superb noise dampening properties
  • Durable wear-resistant
  • Resistant to oils and solvents
  • Stronger and more rugged than rubber
  • Temperature resistant

504 0.4 mm­ 50 m­ 115 mm­
506 0.6 mm­ 50 m­ 115 mm­
508 0.8 mm­ 50 m­ 115 mm­
510 1.0 mm­ 50 m­ 115 mm­
512 1.2 mm­ 25 m­ 115 mm­
514 1.4 mm­ 25 m­ 115 mm­
516 1.6 mm­ 25 m­ 115 mm­
For custom due-cuts shapes, sizes, thickness , colors and forms please contact our specialists.
For custom due-cuts shapes, sizes, thickness , colors and forms please contact our specialists. <br>
If you have any questions call +49 21918844-0
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