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New Bumper-Tec Crystal Clear series.

In connection with the launch of a new production line, we present the range of new Crystal-Clear Bumpers Series

With the new technology, it is also possible to produce sets of bumpers of different sizes on a single sheet (for self-assembly or small kits for retail, for example).

We'll be pleased to provide you with samples of our products and definetly, as a manufacturer, we guarantee you the most attractive prices for any quantity of bumpers and the shortest manufacturing and delivery terms - directly from our stock in West Germany.

Company Logo Flex provides you addicional packing services of Bumper Feet.

Cuts - to fulfil your needs we can сut bumper sheets with industrial cutter to defenite ammount of Bumpers.

Kits - to suit needs of your manafacture or end-customers, we can form bumpers kits with diferent sizes and ammount of Bumpers.

Packs - defenite quantity of bumpers can be packed in plastic bags for futhure branding, distribution and complects.

Also we are offering additional services:

  • Custom bumpers sizes, cuts, colours and shapes.
  • Special packages, labelling and kits;
  • Flexible engineering solutions for custom needs;
  • Certification.


If you require more information, please let us know.