Use of Bumper feet

Our bumpers are everywhere and the applications are universal!

Used as plastic, glass, ceramic, wood protectors, furniture hardware, sound dampeners for doors, anti-vibration and insulating

bottom feet for electronics, mechanics and home appliances.


Elastic bumpers are widely used in all industries -in construction and manufacturing of everything:from interior items and furniture to mechanical engineering!

Packing and sets of Bumper Feet

Company Logo Flex provides you addicional packing services of Bumper Feet.

  • Cuts - to fulfil your needs we can сut bumper sheets with industrial cutter to defenite ammount of Bumpers.
  • Kits - to suit needs of your manafacture or end-customers, we can form bumpers kits with diferent sizes and ammount of Bumpers.
  • Packs - defenite quantity of bumpers can be packed in plastic bags for futhure branding, distribution and complects.

You can choose the number and sizes of bumpers in the set, easy-to-use cuts, package.

Our team and manafacture is flexible, please contact us if you have any special needs.If you require any further information our sales team will be happy to let you have this, on request.